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"Jo Anne techniques has given me a bridge to access potential I didn't know I had. Through using the mind/body connection to create transformation in how I approach my clients, I have created more accounts and secured more transaction closing than I ever have before. My productivity has increased 50% in 2012. "

Anthony T.
Real Estate Executive

Mindfulness Training Program:
Awakening the Creative Within

The art of mindfulness begins by allowing yourself to be present in the moment. It allows us to become aware of the breath of life that is within us. By using this technique, we can stand back and become an observer not only of the possibilities and options that we have but also behavior or thinking patterns that do not serve our growth any longer. In other words, mindfulness allows us to make a choice rather than be at the effect of our emotions and rationalizations. We are no longer at the effect of unconscious decisions. Unconscious living normally produces a reactive stance to life's challenges. Mindfulness is a quiet pause that brings tremendous change in our life. Through this pause moment by moment we begin to learn to detach and observe ourselves through our intention and commitment to change our lives in a self-caring manner.

Our mindfulness training's objective is to lead you to a path of self-awareness and self-knowledge. At the same time, mindfulness can give you the ability to be responsive instead of reactive to the stimulus that challenges us on a daily basis. This ability enhances are empowerment by allowing us to detach and look objectively at the challenges at hand or the emotions that can overwhelm our instead of are positive intentions. We teach you how to live in the moment; how to pause and embrace the present by reducing fear, stress and anxiety.

Mindfulness training has been used as a training format since ancient times and has used many forms of meditation as we do in our training. Originally a Buddhist concept which describes one of the seven Pathways to Enlightenment. It now has a vast secular audience for use in healing in hospitals and individual settings, stress reduction, military training, corporate training and team building in the business sector. Through this training, participants learn how to become aware of the breath of life that flows within them creating a sense of calmness and patience with self and others. The teaching of this practice helps individuals to become more self-preserving as mindful and thoughtful decisions about their life begins to create self-confidence. Calmness and peace begins to replace stress and discomfort.

Mindfulness training program can enhance individuals and corporations to meet and exceed their goals.

Our Mindfulness Training Program will:
  • Increase Emotional Intelligence (EQ}
  • Increase productivity and profit margin
  • Reduce stress and tension
  • Create Innovative decision-making
  • Improve focus and clarity
  • Improve team performance
  • Creates a collaborative mindset
  • Improve leadership ability
  • Increase active listening skills
  • Increase clear communication
  • Increase goal accomplishment
  • Increase Collaborative Team Building
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