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"I have had the good pleasure (and good fortune) to work with Jo Anne as a career coach for over 20 years. She has helped me create bench marks in my business. I highly recommend Jo Anne Bishop as a business and life coach.

Jo Anne has assisted me in the creation of a new business in 1988 creating sales of over $300 Million since our inception. Jo Anne encourages and pushes me towards more difficult and rewarding goals while helping me with the solutions and support to reach these important bench marks to grow my business and support me in addressing the fear of going to the next level of success. "

Doug Carpenter, President
Paragon Steel

Intuitive Training Programs: Awakening the Creative Within

Intuition comes to us through a sense of knowing without the use of words. Intuition is a combination of the unfathomable with knowing. It is a perfect marriage between the right and left hemispheres of the brain. Sometimes when we feel that we are being impressed with information that is not based in our intellect, it is called intuition. When we experience Intuition, there no feeling attached to it. It is a realization that we just know. At that moment, our lives are changed and we bridge our higher resources of knowing with our physical brains and body. There is a sense of oneness at the moment the intuitive realization is experienced; We may feel that we are connected to all things and universal knowledge. These moments are periods of enlightenment, which take us toward conscious living and thinking with in an innovative/creative orientation.

You are capable of extraordinary perception in your everyday life. This skill can be learned and enhanced through practice. We are all born intuitively with intuitive capabilities which can be expanded. As with Emotional Intelligence (EQ), some of us are born with a higher level of functioning then others may experience.

The information on this web page is meant to inform you of the unlimited possibilities that lie within you to access knowledge through inner knowing. As with all skills, patience, consistency, practice and validation are necessary for our brains to embrace new behavior.

Corporations are now choosing to encourage innovation through the development of training programs that increase creativity, intuitive development and Emotional Intelligence(EQ).

Our Intuitive/Creative Training Program will:
  • Understand your level of intuition
  • Increase your ability to improve you intuitive skills
  • Increase innovative problem solving
  • Improve you negotiation skills
  • Improve your communication skills
  • Increase clarity and decision making
  • Increase team collaborative skills
  • Increase the ability to experientially understand people
  • Increase your balance in daily activities
  • Increase self-caring behaviors
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