Dr.Jo Anne Bishop, Intuition Coaching Mentoring

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Within my field, confidentially is of an upmost concern; having that safe harbor is priceless to a top executive.

Jo Anne's ethical character is unquestionable. Her ability to help me derive my decision through innovative thinking and the ability to talk through challenges that couldn't be shared within the work place because of the position I hold was insightful, inspirational and ultimately essential to the success of the company.

Patricia M
CEO Banking Industry

Coaching is a very dynamic and comprehensive process for which there is a solid return on investment. Coaching by a well trained and experienced coach can facilitate eager executives and professionals to be significantly more productive in their work. Athletes have benefited from coaching and now those same benefits are being offered for professionals to excel in their personal growth and careers, and so can you.

Dr. Bishop's coaching model includes:

Evalutation of personal, leadership traits, strengths, values from which to design a plan targeted at improving specific areas of functioning and success. Your coaching plan with be individually tailored to meet your long and short term goals. An important part of this process includes an in depth understanding of your passion for life and subsequent personal and professional dreams and goals. Your individualized plan will be specific, attainable, quantifiable with built in timelines which allow you to increase you ability to succeed. This creates an incremental plan and foundation for success.

You will learn how to measure success and create productive work habits and goals. An individualized system will be established to acknowledge and reinforce positive growth and release patterns that no longer move you forward in life. A long-term structured plan will be created to support continued growth. Adjustments to the plan will be made as necessary. The ability to have fun throughout this experience is an important part of creating joy and personal satisfaction within these life changes.

Areas of Specialty include:
  • Accountability, clarity and focus for goal achievement
  • Transforming fear into creativity
  • Career transition
  • Image transformation
  • Developing a healthy lifestyle through balance and self-care
  • Enhanced communication skills, problem-solving and alternative solutions to conflict
       in relationships and the workplace
  • Stress reduction and creative problem solving
  • Intuitive development
  • Re-entering the dating environment
  • Innovative thinking skills
  • Increased production
  • News & Articles

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