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Jo Anne Bishop, PhD, MPA
Certified Professional Coach

Jo Anne is considered one of the world's leading experts on the use of Mindfulness in business, corporate and personal life. She has over twenty years of experience motivating people and groups to realize their human potential. She is also a highly successful author and motivational speaker. It is her passion to teach others effective steps to increase this powerful energy in their every day lives. Her expertise encompasses the fields of Transpersonal Psychology, Emotional Intelligence (EQ), healing integration of mind, body, spirit and intuitive development. She holds graduate degrees in Counseling Psychology and Public Policy Administration.

Jo Anne believes that the use of mindfulness and coaching, along with the newest brain research can help individuals understand the power that we hold within our minds, bodies and spirits. Her experiential and innovative techniques have helped individuals, couples and groups to breakthrough blocks, resistance and past patterns that create obstacles to success. As this energy is released, it can be utilized and directed toward positive change and growth. Each individual's program is uniquely designed to meet personalized goals, dreams and aspirations.

She believes that ordinary people are capable of extraordinary accomplishments through the integration of their conscious and subconscious minds. She has designed a process that is an experientially skill-based program that empowers individuals in harnessing the unlimited powerhouse within through the use of coaching. Coaching will enhance your ability to succeed and break through any resistance to change. This program supports individuals by developing a balance between aspects of intuition and rationality. Jo Anne believes that life change can create a fear response in most people. When fear is harnessed, it can be transformed into a powerful ally creating creativity and action that can be utilized for goal achievement.

Dr. Bishop's Professional Bio:

Bishop was one of the experts featured in the The Mindfulness Movie and was also one of the consultants and contributors to the film. (www.mindfulnessmovie.com) She is the coauthor of three bestselling books and numerous articles on EQ, success strategies mindfulness, marketing, communication skills spirituality and intuitive development.
  • Success Strategies: High Achievers Guide to Success, with Brian Tracy and Ken Blanchard and Warren Bennis.
  • Success is s State of Mind, with Deepak Chopra, Les Brown and Mark Victor Hansen.
  • Roadmap to Success, with Steven Covey and Ken Blanchard.
  • Her healing CD, Reflection Pools: Volume I is available on CD Baby.
  • A new book: Fearless Heart – Peaceful Soul : Gateway to Mindfulness will be released In July 2014.

After completing a highly successful psychotherapy and corporate conflict meditation practice, Bishop became the founder and CEO of Crossing Bridges Company. A gifted speaker, presenter, coach and moderator, her coaching and dynamic approach with experientially based development pro grams propels clients to the leading edge in a competitive marketplace. Currently, she has a successful coaching practice as well as invitations as a keynote speaker and leader at national conferences, breakout seminars and workshops.

As a Certified Professional Coach, licensed psychotherapist and certified hypnotherapist, she has a national and international client base. A top performer and leader in her field, she brings expertise to human development, communication, organizational psychology, training development, mindfulness and intuitive development. Her education includes graduate degrees in Counseling Psychology and Public Policy with credentials in education K-12 and the community college level. Along with her academic background, she uses her intuitive talents as a consultant.

Her professional memberships include:

  • American Association of Psychotherapy and Medical Hypnosis
  • ,
  • California Association of Family Therapists
  • ,
  • GROW Institute
  • ,
  • International Coach Federation
  • ,
  • International Hypnosis Research Institute
  • ,
  • Hawaii Speakers Network
  • ,
  • International Speakers Network
  • ,
  • National Board of Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists
  • ,
  • National Association of Professional Women
  • ,
  • International Women’s Leadership Association and American Association of Training Development.

"As a client of Jo Anne Bishop, I highly recommend her. I believe Jo Anne's attention to details along with her creativity I had my best business year ever closing nearly 2.2 billion dollars in transactions. Jo Anne should be a part of your winning team... "

Craig Sullivan
VP & Mgr. Hospitality Group
North American Title Company

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